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How to Check If Someone Has Accessed Your Gmail Account

How to Check If Someone Has Accessed Your Gmail Account



If you’re worried that someone may have accessed your Gmail account, here is a step by step guide that may help you check if your Gmail buy old gmail accounts

account has been accessed another person. One  thing to note here is that this method is not fool proof, nor will it guarantee that you will be able to identify any intruders. I will give you the reason for this at the end.

First of all log into your Gmail account and go to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page look for a line of text similar to “Last account activity: x minutes ago at this IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx).”  Next to it you will see a link named “Details.”

Click on the “Details” link to open up the recent activities list for your account.  What you will see is a table of the 10 most recent activities. The following information is displayed

Access Type (Browser/mobile etc)

Where exactly the IP address is (Location from which your account was accessed)

When it was accessed (Date/ Time)

Generally for most users the location of access should be from the same country.  But if you are a frequent traveler, then the access locations may have a mix of countries. Also note that if you use any 3rd party services which hook-up to your Gmail account, they will almost certainly show up in your activity log.

This check only works if the user does not travel much out of the country. Anyhow if you see an IP address that originates from another country, take note of it and you can check more details of the originating IP from sites such as

Google will also do its part and alert you if it detects any suspicious activity both in your inbox, as well as your recent activity log. When the IP addresses look suspicious, it is better to play it safe and assume your Gmail account has been accessed by another unauthorized program or person, and change your password as well as the security question with immediate effect.


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