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The Xbox 360 – If You’re Buying a Games Console This Christmas Look No Further   

The Xbox 360 – If You’re Buying a Games Console This Christmas Look No Further


I like to think that I’m a nice guy but I’m getting a bit tired of PS3 types trying to justify throwing away their cash on a load of features that for my money don’t matter. I firmly believe that a gaming console is for gaming, why is so important all of a sudden   360 filming     for a games console to do everything aside from the washing up?

If you want a console for gaming and gaming alone then the Xbox 360 is as good (if not better) than the PS3 and can be bought at a fraction of the price. I guess the point of this article is to go through some of the standard objections levelled at the Xbox 360 and give my take on it.

Firstly the ‘Three Rings of Death’

OK, I accept that this has been a bit of an embarrassment for fans of the console but the situation has improved over the past year, possibly due to the Falcon chip which reduced the consoles heat output during use.

‘The PS3 has the all conquering Blu Ray Player and the Xbox doesn’t.’

I think that this is just another load of hype which detracts from the main purpose of the console which is GAMING! If I really wanted to watch a Blu – Ray movie then I’ll get a separate player when they come down in price, at the moment DVD’s suit me just fine, in fact I propose that they suited everybody just fine until they were told otherwise. I bet Blu Ray won’t last long as a format anyway, as it won’t be long before we will be streaming movies direct to our consoles and if you just bought your favourite films in the Blu Ray format, you’ll have to buy them all over again.

‘The large Xbox Power Brick’

Yeah, it’s a bit on the big side but then again it’s not enough to make me not buy the console.

‘The recent Xbox price cuts’

Some critics would have you believe that the recent price cuts which apply across the Xbox range are a desperate move by Microsoft. I simply don’t agree, it’s an older console and the price cuts have come at the right time. Rather than being a desperate move I’d suggest it’s an attempt to get the final swathe of ‘undecided’s’ onboard with Xbox rather than see them buy a Wii or PS3.

That’s the so -called negatives dealt with so now let’s move on to the positives, the plus points for me include the consoles superior controller; the game selection which is still better for the Xbox than the PS3 (although I’ll admit they’ve been a bit lax of late) and despite being a bit of a Wii rip off the upcoming dashboard upgrade looks great too.

The PS3 IS a great console, but I think the current price is way too high – Blu Ray won’t be a big pull for much longer, and all the other stuff I’m not really bothered about. I’ve got an IPod and dock for music, laptop for computer stuff, TV and DVD for films and a Xbox for gaming. I’m just not sold on a console trying to be all things to all people.


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