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Protecting Your Property With Custom Security Signs  

Protecting Your Property With Custom Security Signs  

Security signs are an excellent way to deter unwanted intruders from your property. Commercial and residential security signs and stickers can be purchased at various different outlets but most are preprinted with a common warning message. Custom security signs are a little more difficult to find especially if you are looking for   sign company michigan

a local vendor. Online vendors are offering more custom products these days because they have nothing to lose by giving customers exactly what they need. If an online order requires a special message printed on the signs, an online company can easily accommodate such a request without much of a delay.

When shopping and creating your custom signs, make sure you keep the message short and effective. An intruder in a hurry is not going to sit there and read a long warning sign. In most cases, large bold print and very few words are way more effective. A security sign that includes a short but sweet phrase such as “Danger, Keep Out!”, “Security Guard on Duty”, “Security Cameras Recording”, and even “Stop, Alarm Will Sound” is usually all of the warning you will need to cause a possible intruder to think twice about entering your property. Small print, too many words, fancy fonts, and an abundance of signs will only irritate the intruder but rarely will it deter someone who is on a mission.

Custom security signs are of course going to cost a little more to buy but you can include things such as your company name, contact number, and details that pertain to your specific situation. A contact number on the sign is a good idea so a do-gooder will know who to contact if they see something suspicious on your property. The police will also be able to contact you sooner if they have a phone number handy. Keep it simple though and provide this information in a smaller font toward the bottom of the signs.


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