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Securing IIS 6.0 Web Server on Windows 2003


Hacking a Web Server
With the advent of Windows 2003 and IIS 6.0 there was a sharp turn in the way hosting services were being provided on Windows platform few years back. Today, web servers running on Internet Information Services 6.0 (IIS 6.0) are highly popular worldwide – thanks to the .NET and AJAX revolution for designing web applications. 웹하드 , this also makes IIS web servers a popular target amongst hacking groups and almost every day we read about the new exploits being traced out and patched. That does not mean that Windows is not as secured as Linux. In fact, it’s good that we see so many patches being released for Windows platform as it clearly shows that the vulnerabilities have been identified and blocked.

Many server administrators have a hard time coping up with patch management on multiple servers thus making it easy for hackers to find a vulnerable web server on the Internet. One good way I have found to ensure servers are patched is to use Nagios to run an external script on a remote host, in turn alerting on the big screen which servers need patches and a reboot after the patch has been applied. In other words, it is not a difficult task for an intruder to gain access to a vulnerable server if the web server is not secured and then compromise it further to an extent that there is no option left for the administrator but to do a fresh OS install and restore from backups.


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