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Tips To Customize Your Own Suit   

Tips To Customize Your Own Suit



Tailored clothing was quite popular a few decades ago as readymade options were limited. In the years that followed, people slowly gave in to the trend of readymade clothing because it became easier to get a dress or suit of one’s choice. This was possible without having to spend hours selecting appropriate materials, matching trimmings and accents in addition to repeated reminders to the seamstress or tailor in order to ensure your outfit was ready on time.

However, there was one problem with readymade clothing – fit. One could easily get their size, but not the perfect fit. It would ตัดสูท require a few alterations and some resizing here and there. Thus, it compelled us to revert back to the traditional method of having our clothing custom-made.

A formal suit is an indispensable item in a man’s wardrobe and when it is made to order it becomes an asset. Whether you wear it to a business meeting or a job interview, it will make you stand out in the crowd. So, here are tips to customize your own suit.

  1. A reputable tailor is what you need

The best materials and designs fall flat when stitched in a shabby manner. Hence, your first task is to hunt for a reputable tailor that specializes in men’s clothing. You can get a good tailor at a high-end department store. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can look up the internet for men’s tailors within your district. If you take the online route, you should conduct a minor background check which includes their method of function, cost structures and customer reviews.

  1. Select appropriate fabrics

The fabric you choose determines the look and feel of your custom-made suit as well as it durability. We suggest you choose a fabric with a grade of 110s or higher. This is the measure of the quality of the fabric; thus higher the grade, better the quality. Invest in a good quality yet affordable fabric for your suit. Purchase other suit components and accents as well.

  1. Pick a Style

One can easily spot differences in a woman’s suit, but it is not the same with men’s suits. Men’s suit designs look similar. However, there are subtle differences such as a double breasted or single breasted suit. There are variations based on buttons too such as a two-button or three buttons. You may also want to choose a design that embodies the latest styles and trends. The design you choose should complement your body type and shape. It is best to show your tailor the design before you buy the fabric in case he needs a specific material to create the suit you want.

  1. Measure for fitting

The right measurements are a major prerequisite when it comes to custom-made suits. A tailor is trained to take measurements. Nevertheless, you should clarify doubts if any. You should also mention special desire such as how you want your pant to fall over the shoes or pocket flaps or the state of the fabric at the shoulders.


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