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Are the Glory Days for Cincinnati Bearcat Football Over?

let’s face it, we are residing within the glory years of UC soccer.

Yeah, there are some diehards (all 12 of you) that could argue that UC has a storied beyond harkening lower back to Sid Gillman and Greg cook, however accept as true with me, no diehard college football fan offers UC football a 2nd notion historically. however, UC soccer has had a quite respectable run in recent years and in short captured the country’s interest in 2009 with Brian Kelly’s magical journey that in brief positioned them inside the image for a national identify (until they were given punked by Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl). That success, coupled with few 10-plus win seasons and more than one large East championships (2011 might were massive East championship #three if Zach Colloros become no longer injured), has put UC soccer at the map no less than. once more, nobody is dropping sleep in Tuscaloosa or Norman, however UC football is as a minimum within the conversation.

So with all this achievement and a university administration reputedly dedicated to preserving it a hit, why does the future appearance so gloomy for UC soccer?

nicely, wherein can we begin…

Like the whole lot in life, all of it comes right down to the Benjamin’s. comply with the money and you will have your answers.

UC’s latest upward thrust is all tied to its association with the large East convention.


Argue if you may that the weak sauce big East should have by no means had computerized Qualifying repute within the BCS (a completely legitimate argument, btw!), but because it did, it put UC in position to make its mark in ’08 & ’09 and has primed it for future achievement-IF the conference can live on and keep its fame as one of the six BCS meetings with an automated berth in the championship series and all of the revenues and status that come with it.

but, all symptoms within the beyond year are pointing to the huge East now not preserving this favored repute (keep for one saving grace, which i will get to in a second). The university football realignment cesspool that has uncovered all BCS participants to be nothing but greedy cash whores with out a allegiance to standard convention opponents and partners (Missouri to the SEC, Syracuse in the ACC), has left the already competitively challenged large East especially prone to losing out.

I won’t bore you with secretive details of ways the BCS determines its meetings to award automatic qualifying status (I were given very dizzy–snarky writers get careworn effortlessly), but useless to say, the big East does not come up searching very good. In its desperation to add some teeth and bolster its aggressive credentials after losing Syracuse, West Virginia, & Pitt, including Boise state virtually allows, however consistent with ESPN BCS guru Brad Edwards, the addition of the Broncos will still now not be sufficient to satisfy the murky standards set forth with the aid of the BCS. The addition of adlescent leaguer upstarts UCF, Memphis, Houston, San Diego country, SMU & navy does not anything as nicely.

similarly complicating the scenario is the BCS’s latest undertaking to create the lots longed-for college soccer playoff (college soccer fanatics may be very disenchanted in how little it solves). at the same time as all of the info haven’t begun to be labored out, more than one troubles are already in region, and again, the big East is not in an enviable position. The playoff might be tied to the predominant bowls, and whereas the large 10, % 12, huge 12, SEC, & ACC have aligned themselves with primary bowls for their champion, the big East has no touchdown vicinity for its title holder.

So is going the massive East, so goes UC football.

What became as soon as UC’s biggest energy (a BCS convention with computerized qualifying repute, a countrywide degree, and weak opposition making them always a contender) is now their biggest burden. And there is not tons UC can do about it. With its small, antique stadium, loss of historical relevance, and relatively small fan base, UC isn’t going to receive a get-out-of-prison card like WVU, Pitt, & The Cuse and get an invite to some other convention.

UC is caught.

but, lo and behold, all isn’t always completely lost for UC and the large East. although it’s infusion of stripling leaguers and Boise kingdom would not exactly get ones heart racing, it does have one variable very coveted with the aid of the pimps who run college football-it creates a variety of capability eyeballs inside the form of tv markets in its disjointed, ridiculous geographic footprint.

while Houston, SDSU & SMU is probably taken into consideration homecoming fodder for many BCS faculties, blended with Rutgers, UConn, South Florida, & Cincinnati, the massive East potentially has a load of capacity tv sets that tv rights holders get all warm and troubled by. on the quit of the day, isn’t that what all the whorish frenzy of conference realignment has been all approximately besides?

despite the fact that most football enthusiasts in these big big East markets haven’t any concept wherein those groups even play, some thing tells me the BCS may also but discover a place for the potential tv sets—and a cut of the sales—the massive East potentially commands.

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