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Sock It to Me

I disdain socks. My Mom in Law (God rest her spirit) consistently remembered a couple of dress socks for my Christmas prezzies. You know those paper slight dress socks that didn’t fend any perspiration off? What’s more, they permitted you to feel every single flaw from your perspective? Indeed, even my Cole Haans? I’d grin and discard them first possibility I got.


Plus, all socks above “quarter” high are prohibitive at the top. I end up for certain amazing marks in my legs following a day of wearing most knee high or group length socks. Do they must be that tight?


I settled the score be that as it may. Many years prior I started to wear lower leg high socks or more limited. I had some group length for my gigs on account of my work boots. In any event, when heading out to have a great time, my lower leg sox were essential for the outfit. Mrs Chef wasn’t too glad when we went traditional dancing however…


My girl, Dancin’ Pants, got hitched last Socks company November to Joe Foo, the Air Force fellow, and she demanded I wear genuine dress socks. Something about, “If Joe Foo can wear his uniform, you can wear dress socks.” I asked, argued, whimpered, frowned, shed a tear, announced her to be ill suited for being my little girl… furthermore, got some dress socks. I got Bamboo Socks. Bamboo Dress Socks.


They were dainty and scratched my skin. In any case, they kept my feet dry and cool all during the occasion and the moving a while later. I’ll just tell you, that throughout the entire existence of father lady moves, our own was the best.


So I went on an excursion to discover some bamboo socks that would work for me. Thermally able, non gouging, antibacterial, strong, and delicate. They should look great. I needed enormous thick socks for work, and more slender dressy socks for moving.


I asked myself, “Who are individuals who need the best with regards to “sockiness?”


  • Nurses


  • Hikers


  • Diabetics


  • Construction/Factory laborers


I tracked down the ideal socks


The sock line I convey, Ecosox, is down for the battle. They are produced using bamboo gooey. Antibacterial, strong, quite delicate. Medical caretakers will adore these socks. I ensure, since they have a line only for them! Explorers, same goes for you. My child, the rowdy physical science educator loves them! Mrs. Gourmet expert goes stomping through the gathering plant with these between her tootsies and the steel toes of her boots. Indeed, even Joe Foo gets all comfortable.


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