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Euro Cup Soccer – The Prestigious Euro Cup Trophy

The Euro Cup soccer is one of the lofty soccer occasions being partaken by numerous expert associations in various nations of the world. In accordance with the competition, winning group of the UEFA Champions League is granted with the European Cup prize. The prize has been struggled for a long time by among the best and most grounded associations on the planet.

The first prize was given by a French game news organization named L’équipe. In 1967 the Real Madrid group was sufficiently fortunate to win and got the prize as their super durable belonging. It depended on the decision that who at any point group wins for 3 continuous occasions can keep the prize until the end of time. ข่าวเทคโนโลยี

An alternate plan was then made to supplant the first prize. It was planned by Jörg Stadelmann, a Switzerland based gem specialist. The prize is made of silver with a sticker price of 10,000 Swiss Francs. The prize estimates 74 centimeters in stature and 8 kilograms in weight. The Euro Cup soccer prize was called La Orejona which implies huge ears in light of the plan of the handles that takes after an ear. The term La Orejona has been advocated by Luis Omar Tapia who is an ESPN UCL pundit.

Since it began, the fight for the lofty prize has consistently been drawing in numerous telecom companies to cover the immense occasion. All matches are communicated in the European nations and in numerous different nations. The ubiquity of the game draws in more than 200 million watchers all throughout the planet.

The Euro Cup prize will keep on being an instrument in cultivating the most well known game in the planet.

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