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Asian Soccer


Did you know during the 1960s, the group of Burma won the territorial title at the V Asian Games in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Iran took silver decoration, and Japan was third. After four years, Burma won the silver decoration in the Asian Games, behind South Korea.


Did you know-Because of its common conflict, Cambodia didn’t partake in the FIFA World Cup Qualification in 1977.


Did you know-Japan won the Asian Championship in the mid 1990s. It had additionally won in 2000; in the last, the public group deposed champions Saudi Arabia by beating them 1-0. Then again, Tokyo (Japan’s capital) facilitated the Olympic Soccer Tournament in 1964. This occasion had served to put it on the world guide of incredible countries. Just 14 groups contended in the worldwide occasion. The bosses was Hungary, continued all together by Czechoslovakia (silver decoration), Germany (bronze award), Egypt (fourth), Romania (fifth), Yugoslavia (sixth), Ghana (seventh), Japan (eighth), Brazil (ninth), Argentina (tenth), Mexico (eleventh), Iran (twelfth), Morocco (thirteenth), and South Korea (fourteenth). During that occasion, North Korea and Italy didn’t take part. At the beginning, Brazil – twice best on the planet (1958 and 1962)- – was the weighty top choice, yet they neglected to make the semi-finals. GTRBET


Did you know-At the 1948 Summer Olympic Games in Britain, India – a long distance country- – put 10th, behind Sweden (gold award), Yugoslavia (silver decoration), Denmark (bronze award), Great Britain (fourth), France (fifth), Italy (sixth), Turkey (seventh), and South Korea (eighth). In the United Kingdom, India lost 2-1 to France in the first round.


Did you know-By the mid 1970s, Malaysia – a mineral rich country – completed 10th in the men’s soccer in the Summer Games in the Federal Republic of Germany. In West Germany, the group of Malaysia made their Olympic introduction. In 1974, the public crew procured a bronze award in the Asian Games in Tehran (Iran). In this manner, Malaysia won the option to contend in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, yet it boycotted the Games to fight the Soviet attack of Afghanistan. Football is one of the most well known games in the Asian country.

The People’s Republic of China

Did you know-The People’s Republic of China, probably the most youthful individual from the FIFA, was sprinter up at the Asian Cup in 1984. Therefore, China facilitated the Under-16 World Championship.

South Korea

Did you know-South Korea has won the Asian title twice, in 1956 and 1960.

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