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What Are the Qualities of a Football Team Midfielder?

If you ask me I would say that the midfield is the most important part of any football team. It then follows that the midfielders are the engine room of any football team.

The best teams in the world are those teams that have the best midfielders. Take a look at the Spanish national team. Take a look at the German national team. Take a look at the Argentine, Italian, English and Brazilian national teams. All these teams have something in common – powerful midfield.

Now, what are the qualities of a good midfielder? A good midfielder should be able to hold the ball. It might interest you to know that winning a match most times depends on ball possession. That is, the ability of a team to hold on to the ball more than the opponent. It is a special characteristic of a good midfielder. He or she holds on to the ball in order to prevent the opponent from getting the ball and creating chances that may result in goals because a team can only score a goal if they possess the ball.

A good midfielder should be able to give accurate passes. Chances to score goals are created by giving sublime and accurate passes. There is no way a team can win a match if they pass the ball to the opponent. And it is the function of the midfielders to supply the accurate passes to his or her teammates.UFABET

A good midfielder should be able to see very well. This is an exceptional quality of the world’s best midfielders such as Frank Lampard of Chelsea Football Club of England. This kind of midfielders scores goals from unbelievable distance. They win matches for their team by turning things around in a split second.


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