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Why Professional Sport Salaries Have Gotten Out Of Control – A Suggestion To Help Capitalize On It

The contracts have become outrageous. Giancarlo Stanton got a 325 million dollar contract for signing with the Marlins in 2015. “A-rod,” from the Yankees, received a dubious 275 million dollar contract in 2008! Miguel Cabrera was able to get a 248 million dollar contract in 2016. These are the most outrageous contracts in the history of this country, if not the world!

Have you ever envied these people? Not that you would need a contract that big to be able to live an ultra-fun life, but these people are able to just go and make over a hundred thousand dollars per game, by rolling out of bed and doing the same thing they loved doing as a kid — playing sports! Although the chances of playing pro sports for a living are astronomical, it is more of a sure bet to most people than winning the lottery, at least. Most people are intimidated if they are of average talent to begin with. I, myself, was intimidated by fame, and believe it or not, I was on a superior level athletically compared to my peers. Why I didn’t cash in on my talent is a whole other story, but I believe myself to be somewhere in the 300 million dollar range, if I were to be an eighteen-year-old today! The best thing I can do now, is to give young people advice, on how to achieve your greatest level of potential. เกมในSteam

Let me cut to the chase on the most important factor, assuming you are of average talent; endurance is first and foremost the most important factor in realizing your potential. There could be someone with more talent than you, but if they have no stamina, you could run circles around them on the basketball court. Whatever sport you choose to pursue, endurance is first and foremost. You should strive to be doing sprints(let’s say the length of the basketball court and back), or maybe 50 yard dashes, to the point of almost throwing up. That was my biggest weakness, and one of the things that caused me to be intimidated by less athletic people. Soccer, hockey and basketball especially, need superior endurance. To a lesser extent, tennis demands superior endurance. With soccer and hockey, you are the most easily susceptible to puking your guts out if you have poor endurance. There are other high paying sports that demand it, but I want to talk about the highest paying sports; the most mainstream sports, because if you can land a starting spot on one of these sports teams, you will have a great life, and potential to inspire millions.

On average, the most lucrative of sports, in order, that also require great stamina and endurance, are as follows:


  • Baseball (actually doesn’t require much endurance, but is by far the best paying sport in America
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Boxing or MMA
  • Tennis


Take your pick of these sports, go out and bust your butt; giving 100% dedication to you endurance and stamina, and you will have a leg-up on most other people if you want to land that contract!

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